Nodar Khinchikashvili

 Nodar Khinchikashvili - is prezident of Georgian karate federation in arts of free fighting “IAKODO”. He is Black belt holder level VI, He was  born on October 5, 1955 Ave.  Tbilisi.
      Since 1988 began training in karate sport club – “Jiki”.  In 1994, destiny honored meet of the artist,Chasing the Patriarch-with Mr. Koba  Guruli.. As a result, has changed its vision of martial arts.
      Since 1994 he is the shito - rius Federation member.
      In 1995 he founded a martial - arts Karate Club Contact -XXI ".
      In 1995, In Georgia was founded sorinji - riu ken kokan Karate - Do kosiki Karate - Do Federation, he is one of its founders. He was elected Chairman of the Federation  Board of Directors,Further Federation vice - president.
      In 2000 he founded Georgian karate federation in arts of free fighting “IAKODO”.
      Since 2000, the National Federation of Karate is a member of the Union.
  In 2009 WKF (World Karate Federation) gave the Black Belt IV  stage.